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Does not need a genius to figure out that responsive website needs responsive menu :) So, check out these nice tutorials and downloads about responsive navigation:

1. design shack

One of the best responsive menu in pure CSS. Follow the tutorial and build it for your website.

Tutorial »

2. hongkiat

Flexible responsive navigation using CSS and some jQuery for small screens. On phones there is Menu button what shows all the navigation on touch.

Tutorial »

3. onextrapixel

This responsive menu uses images and a menu icon on phones. Built by CSS and jQuery.

Tutorial »

4. filamentgroup

Nine, minimalist design and a great tutorial. Creates a dropdown menu on small screens.

Tutorial »

5. Menutron

Menutron uses  javascipt and jQuery that converts navigations to select dropdowns for small screen.

Demo »

6. FlexNav

FlexNav is a great jQuery responsive navigation! You can create sub menu, what show onhover and onclick as well, so it is very handy.

Demo » Download »

7. TinyNav

TinyNav.js is a jQuery plugin that converts navigations to select dropdowns for small screen. It automatically selects the current page in dropdown and gives selected="selected" to the item.

Tutorial »


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sasikumar2014-03-17 14:02

Nice Work But I can see the 2.Haiphong Menu its only have a menu no sub menu. how can i add the sub menu

Frank2013-01-03 21:21

This is just, what I wanted for my responsive website project! Cheers.

JJ2012-12-19 21:59

Great post, thank you for sharing!

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